Scholarship Program

Sigma Nu of Southeast Missouri, Inc. provides a scholarship program to collegiate members of Mu Kappa Chapter of Sigma Nu Fraternity and also to new students to Southeast Missouri State University.

Over the past twenty years we have been fortunate enough to distribute over $85,000 to students.

Sigma Nu of Southeast Missouri, Inc. Scholarship (ES046)  –  Apply Here

Recipients of these scholarship funds will be members of Sigma Nu Fraternity enrolled at Southeast Missouri State University. A majority of the scholarship funds available will be awarded annually to members residing in Sigma Nu’s official on-campus house (The Mark R. Hudson Memorial Sigma Nu House) with priority consideration being given to Juniors, Seniors and Executive Board members living in said house. Sigma Nu of Southeast Missouri, Inc., in conjunction with the Office of Greek Life, will be responsible for setting additional specific internal guidelines and priorities for awarding scholarship funds on an ongoing basis. If no applicants meet these requirements or if the corporation decides not to award the entire amount of scholarship funds available, remaining available funds will be rolled over and combined into the following year(s)

Mark Hudson Memorial Leadership Award (EH030)Apply Here

The Mark Hudson Memorial Scholarship is awarded to a member of the Sigma Nu Fraternity who has demonstrated leadership and dedication to community relations, chapter growth, and philanthropy. (No requirement for specific Major).

Mark Hudson MA-250 Memorial Scholarship (EH027)Apply Here

The intent of the Mark Hudson Memorial Scholarship is primarily and foremost to reward a Sigma Nu member who has displayed extraordinary service in helping the chapter, his fellow brothers, or an individual brother in need. The scholarship may be awarded to an active member of the Sigma Nu fraternity. The scholarship will be awarded annually to any active member who is a freshman through senior.